About Me & my Approach


That’s me!

About me? Well, stating the obvious, my name is Jade, and I’m a photographer.

One time, when I was about 10 years old my dad came into my room, looked at the photos covering every inch of wall, that I used to take with my little point and shoot camera and said, ‘You’re going to make a really good photographer someday!’ BOOM fast forward to 19 years later and, funnily enough, I’m a photographer, (go Dad for foreshadowing that one!). So I really have been taking photos for as long as I can remember!

My background, is in fine art and documentary photography, having studied Fine Art Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth I spent my time there documenting everything going on around me, using what I learnt in fine art to create photographs that encapsulated a particular feeling within them.

This became the basis of my approach to wedding photography and when I moved back from uni in 2012 I set up my own business. Fast forward 7 years, I’ve shot over 100 weddings, as well as numerous, events and portrait sessions. I still absolutely love what I do and have had the privilege of shooting some of the most amazing weddings for the most awesome couples!

Photo by my good friend and fellow Tog, Jessica Jill

I like memes, and cocktails and cats.

My Style and Approach

‘We hate having our photo taken’, they said, ‘We are so awkward in front of the camera’, they said…

(Check out my gallery to see what happened next!)

I hear the above quite a lot when I meet my couples and my advice is always the same… just be yourself!

My approach to wedding photography is relaxed and simple, I use my camera to document whats going on around me as it happens, naturally throughout the day. The only time I give you a teeny bit of direction (dare I say it pose you) is when we do your couple shots (and if you want any group/family shots) During this time, we go off for a short walk, find somewhere with a cool back drop, or really nice light and I really just get you guys to be yourself! Mess around, laugh, kiss if you want to, and I just capture you guys just being you guys!